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Speculative Design

Transhumanism 2030


Grad School Group Project,

In collaboration with Dominique Pierre Louis, Gabriela Karolak, Jack Burns, Tingting Jiang

2020/11 - 2020/12


Desktop Research, Future Speculation

Video Editing, Animation, Illustration

Website Design,



Transhumanism 2030 investigates how technology and AI shape our people, economies and society based on extensive research of technological and societal signals. The storylines were developed through the use of foresight and future design methods, exploring potentialities of technocracies that feasibly may occur.

Transhumanism believes in the enhancement of the human condition by available sophisticated technologies...

We use Transhumanism to highlight the accelerating development and use of technologies which could lead to negative impacts to the human body and their society.


The Rise of Techbocracies, Comic
Dominique Pierre-Louis, Xiaofan Jiang
Black Sheep, Fiction
Tingting Jiang