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Platform Service

TikTok Backend Management Platform


Designed a web-based DEMO platform service for L’Oréal China to better monitor performances of the TikTok official account, analyze data, and manage customer relationship. The demo won the bid at the end and then full-time UX designers took over the project.

My role

UI/UX Design

Work directly with


1 Business Director

1 Product Manager

1 Technical Director

Tool Used


L'Oreal has many sub-brands, most of which have one or more TikTok accounts. However, these TikTok accounts are currently managed separately, and the marketing closed loop from brand building, user management to data accumulation has not been realized at the organizational level.


How to establish a centralized backend management platform for all the TikTok accounts, carry out refined operations for users on TikTok, maximize the use of TikTok contents, and enhance brand influence?

Feature Highlights

Product modules


Gained more systemic design experience. We sorted out the overall functional requirement list provided by the client into three major modules, then clustered specific functional needs into sub-categories. After building the information architecture, I started building the prototype based on the needs and then added on extra features to increase value.

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Designed for a to-B product with limited domain knowledge of TikTok management and operation at the beginning. I learned about the existing methods and tools by talking to the TikTok operation team at Tezign, and talked with the development team about what other features can be embedded into this solution.

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Built the product demo in an agile environment with a multi-functional team in 3 days. I first built a rapid prototype by assembling the existing UI templates, and then built on the new features, such as the diagrams, with my graphic design skills.

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Data Monitoring Center

For brand marketing managers. The features include: data dashboard, account ranking list, video+ live stream+ private message activity analysis, fan portraits and fan growth data etc.

Operation Management Center

For the operational staff of the brand's digital department. The features includes TikTok content editing, content push, content management, trending topic list, private message management and customer service management.

Account Access Center

For the data management personnel of IT departments. Product features include: accounts management and assigning permissions to different accounts.

Key Takeaways

Data Monitoring Centre - Account Ranking

Client's needs: Data analysis of released videos, including overview and single-field data (comments, likes, shares). 

Add-on: By clicking the green button, you can view the growth path of the accounts. Corresponding to the contents, you can analyze the reasons for the growth of performance.

Operation Management Center - Content release

Client's needs: Push video/photo contents, support adding tags, topics, @ other accounts and scheduled push.

Add-on: By adding a section of rising topics in the last 10 hours, it helps choose the right topic to help the content get more exposure.

Operation Management Center - Digital Assets Management

Client's needs: View/filter/edit/delete uploaded pictures, music and videos.

Add-on: Multiple filtering methods based on access, sub-brands, file formats, campaigns, and tags. The assets of the whole group are retained in the cloud and are highly reusable.

Data Monitoring Centre - Content Analysis

Client's needs: Data analysis of published contents, including overview and single-field data (comments, likes, shares).

Add-on: You can see the list of past contents and their performances, and you can view single content data. The platform analyze hot words for each content to help locate the best use of words and tags for the contents. It saves a lot of time in searching for popular content and improves the work efficiency of operators.

Data Monitoring Centre - Follower Analysis

Client's needs: Follower portraits and follower growth trend visualization

Add-on: You can view changes in follower portraits based on time periods, such as gender ratio, age distribution, region distribution, devices used, topics of interests and the top searched words. It can help analyze the trend of account growth and adjust the direction of account operation.

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