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NIO DAY 2021 Special Event - Experience Salon 

Event planning
User Engagement


To inform 10 product design teams about user aspiration and pain points, I worked in a team of 5 and designed the event structures, semi-structured engagement toolkits, and graphic materials. The event held 300 participants.

My role

Event planning, visual design, user engagement

Work directly with

1 Project Manager

1 Operation executive

10 product design teams representative

1 other UX research intern

Tool Used

Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe illustrator, Adobe photoshop

Thousands of users are coming to Chengdu, China for the 2021 NIO DAY, where new model of EV car will be released. To take advantage of this opportunity, the product design teams want to have a platform to engage with users and learn about their aspirations and pain points. How to organize the space of Chengdu NIO House, design 10 engagements activities based on the product features and stimulate users to participate?

Key Takeaways



Started from zero to plan for an event that never took place before requires active communication among all stakeholders to learn about their needs & expectations, reduce information asymmetry and get support asap.


Using the UX thinking and be specific about every possible interaction in this public event is helpful to deliver a good experience for the users and plan for unexpected situations. And the key to the success of the event is making the users feel that they are the centered.


If the product teams gain a lot while the users feel like they have gained nothing as they walk out, it would not be a successful engagement. So we designed ways to maximize the reward within the budget.

An indoor bazaar with 10 stalls

Due to space limitations, we had to organize this event of 300 people in one hall. To ensure people can move freely, we carried out 10 stalls, each with an Experience Manager and an engagement tool kit.

Semi-structured engagement kit

Another challenge we have is the lag in communication. The product teams, due to other ongoing tasks, had to respond with their research inquiry at the last minute. In order to ensure the material preparation would not delay, we designed the KT board based on existing product features and future iterations for demonstration use. We also created a white board for each team to take notes and display key messages they want to deliver.


Reward Mechanism

Within limited budget, we designed a reward system consists of a sticker collection card (you get a sticker when you complete the task/activity at each table), a small & big lottery pot when you collect 5 or 10 stamps to win virtual points that can be spent as real money in NIO App or a coupon for a special drink at NIO House. 

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