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Individual undergrad project,

2019/04 - 2019/06


Desktop Research, Interview,  Speculative Design,

System Design, Animation


House of Cards is an exploration of blockchain technology in the context of dealing with family matters. It improves the democracy in families, liberates the efforts of decision-making, and brings closer connections between family and the community. Taking a critical perspective, it also raises issues about blockchain democracy.

Personas and


House of Care

House of Cares

House of Cards

The boundary between the benefits and harms brought by the technology is blurred. So I used a paronomasia here to indicate this subtle thing.​

It’s worth noticing that the goal of the project is NOT to create a system that eliminates all problems. On the contrary, I remain the contradiction to remind the users that it is up to them to choose a side.

Design Details

A "Promotion" Video 



The blockchain technology is trendy nowadays, for it is creating new opportunities and reshaping the rules about how we deal with data and the transaction around it. Together with the Internet of Things, they create a decentralized future with a high-extent connection.

A critical perspective...

Blockchain technology is known for transparency, security and decentrality.
But what are its downsides?
Will it bring trust and freedom to people ,or bring new distrust and restraint?

... and its context​

The family is the only decentralised community we inherit at birth. As we grow up, we have met with all kinds of family issues and conflicts, which makes it a perfect context for my exploration.

How might we imagine a system that helps the family member solve their conflicts?

The project looks into how the decentralized IoT system can evoke a different future in terms of family issues. More importantly, how blockchain can be used for democratization.

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