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In collaboration with Julienne Devita and Juliyen Davis.

A project for "Speculative Design Studio" class and "Coding The Self" class,

2021/03 - 2021/05



Signal Searching, Future Wheel, Persona;


Me - VR environment modeling, Interface Design

Julienne - Video Editing


An adaptable virtual and phygital recovery space for mental health issues in the meta-verse. 

Tool Used

After Effects



2121, the first year in history where people spent the majority time in the digital space thanks to smart contacts and light-wave VR glasses. Networking and meeting others rarely happen in the physical anymore. Issues related to mental health begin to rise in the city of New York, where campaigns of "digital equity”, “digital healthcare” and “phygital (both physical and digital) mental health” arise. The city, as our client, want us to call on people to help build the A.I. therapist that would be embedded in VR products since VR is already used to help people overcome fears, phobias, and trauma through simulating real-world experiences.

So Hylla is a virtual resort for those who have mental issues. The center of it is the A.I. tree therapist that decrypts mental illness symptoms through brainwave communication. So Hylla can see what the patients are seeing, feeling, and thinking, making it more capable than a human therapist. It encodes the symptoms into documents with visualizations, which helps people build empathy with the patients.

This project brings up the dystopian sides of a technological utopia. In this movement into a digital or physical space, it proposes questions like: what value will be exchanged and how the city should regulate this value exchange in the future. Thinking about privacy, safety, transparency, accountability, and also ownership, we might ask: who ultimately will participate in this value data exchange in the future. In the idea of mental illnesses, what if companies could create a non fungible token out of these mental illnesses that companies could profit off for that insurance companies could exchange in crypto currency? 

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